The Strecks Brewery in Ostheim near the Rhoen Mountains in Germany has been brewing beer since 1718. The family business has been handed down for ten generations and is now celebrating its 300th anniversary. The celebrations took place September 25th and 16th.

When Peter Streck founded his small business in Ostheim in 1718, he brewed for his own pub, as was custom back in the 18th century. Little did he know that his great-great-great grandson would be running his brewery with pride ten generations and 300 years later.

We are Röhner Beer

Streck’s brewery is one of ten breweries that have teamed up with two farms and a malting plant to create the initiative “We are Rhöner Beer!”, promoting the regional beer culture. The aim is to show that beer can be more than just the characterless everyday brew.

The Anniversary Book

There is quite a bit of German history to be found in the story behind the Streck Brewery, as it is characterized by the constant change, times of war and peace, as well as the ups and downs taking place in the country over the last 300 years. The historians Kai Lehmann and Georg Sailer used the brewery’s anniversary as an opportunity to tell the story of Ostheim’s cultural history in the book “300 years of Streck’s Brewery – Beer, Local and Family History”, which was published in time for the brewery’s anniversary.
Foto: Strecks Brauhaus