“Bread beer” has a long tradition, as both are made from yeast and grain. Brewmaster Reinhold Barta has recently revived this intriguing tradition.

In cooperation with the INTERSPAR bakery, Barta has developed an organic version of traditional bread beer. He replaces part of the barley malt with bread (mostly white and brown dinner rolls), reducing supermarket waste whilst adding a fine taste to his beer.

Reinhold Barta has been developing his recipe for a long time, getting it just the way he imagines it. The secret: Left over bread is crushed, then mashed. This way his beer is doubly fermented, as both the bread and the mash undergo an enzymatic process. Brewing full-bodied bread beer is a huge challenge, since the salt in the bread needs to be integrated in to the beer harmoniously. This new organic beer is amber-colored and spicy. The added bread crust provides an even maltier flavor.