The Kitzmann Brewery in Erlangen, Germany, established in 1732, has ceased operations on September 30th. The trademark rights went to the Kulmbacher Brauerei AG.

Peter Kitzmann, former owner and CEO explains he’s had to make the “hardest decision of his life”, as declines in sales since 1990, rising production costs and personal circumstances left him with very little options. All 35 employees working in the brewery were terminated September 28th.

The beverage markets “BräuKontor” and “BräuSchänke” were not affected by the closing of the brewery and remain fully operational.

The beers formerly produced by the Kitzmann Brewery will now be coming from the Kulmbacher Brauerei AG. The aim is to keep the restaurants and shops as customers around the village of Erlangen by continuing to provide them with their beloved Kitzmann beer.

Foto: screenshot Kitzmann Privatbrauerei – Facebook