BeerTasting Community is growing!

The popular BeerTasting app is seeing impressive growth in its community. With its growing popularity among beer lovers, the app reached the 100,000 monthly reviews mark last month. In the process, an astonishing 9,000 reviews were also published monthly, reflecting the keen interest and active participation of users.

The BeerTasting app also gains about 3,000 new users every month, who join the community to share their experiences with different types of beer and discover the best breweries and flavors.

The app's recipe for success also lies in its constant updating and expansion of beer offerings. About 3,000 new beers are added to the app's database every month, so users always have a wide range of beers to evaluate and discover.

We continue to work on improvements to the BeerTasting app to optimize the experience for users. The app remains on a promising path and will undoubtedly win over even more beer lovers while uniting a growing global community of beer enjoyment.


Leonardo Carrao • 7 months ago
Leonardo carrão