BeerTasting Live Tastings: Christmas Special 2022

December 1st – December 8th – Dezember 15th – Dezember 22nd
Pacific 12 PM – Mountain 1 PM – Central 2 PM – Eastern 3 PM

BeerTasting LIVE: Brewer’s Advent Calendar
Join the live tastings of the Advent calendar beers! Describe your taste impressions in the chat, discuss with other BeerTasters and ask questions to the invited experts!

Be there live on our YouTube-Channel!

Use our automatic calendar entry and be reminded in time about the start of the events.
Download here and open the file afterwards:


icandyb10 • 1 year ago
Where is the English version of the December 1st video
Pedro R. • 1 year ago
You find it on the youtube channel of beertasting club