Brewer's Advent 2023 Day 14: Schnitzlbaumer - Lagerbier Hell

Blessed Bavaria
Nowhere else are there so many breweries with centuries-old history! Today, we visit a special gem. The family owned Schnitzlbaumer Brewery has been brewing for over 500 years.

The historic buildings are in the heart of the idyllic town of Traunstein. Today, the ever-modernized brewhouse shines in magnificent beauty. It serves as both a brewery and a brewery tavern with space for over 100 guests. From the gallery, there's a great view of the copper brewing kettles, and many tables surround them. The scent of fresh wort fills the air. Guests laugh and chat merrily. Behind the large windows, the distant backdrop of the snow-covered Alps gleams.

Freshly tapped beer is served in a large, glass beer mug. It’s radiant gold in color, crowned with a snowy white foam. “Drink me,” calls the “Schnitzlbaumer Hell” to us. Take a deep sip, let yourself drift into the Traunstein brewhouse, enjoy the beer, enjoy life.


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Schnitzlbaumer - Lagerbier Hell Can
Lager / Helles 5,00% vol.
Privatbrauerei Schnitzlbaumer
Bayern, Germany


kenbottesi • 2 months ago
Light helles well done.3.75
bradfordmcgovern • 2 months ago
One thing I really like about the calendar is tasting just how good lighter beers can be. As an American, as the people I'm the video pointed out, typical American lighter lagers are usually crap, even the ones made by microbreweries. But German Helles can be so good and I like getting all those different Helles beers. Although I have to say, this particular one wasn't really my favorite. Still pretty decent though!
brian_54 • 2 months ago
I have this one! A very flavorful helles!
Futbol mono • 2 months ago
Oh my!!! The first sip was Devine! This beer shot up the charts and is my top three for beers during this event. A little bit of everything I like, but very well balanced. A give this a 5, and I would order 5 for the night. Cheers, Prost, salut.
Original KALEA • 2 months ago
Great to hear, we will pass it on to the brewery
tonytickle • 2 months ago
I really like this one. Nice malty flavor! Beautiful golden color, pleasant aroma with a crisp bite to it. Might be my favorite thus far. Hoping to enjoy it next go ‘round! Cheers 🍻
jacksonmplt • 2 months ago
Nice Helles, flavor is good a little more bitter than others. I rate 3.5