Brewer's Advent 2023 Day 15: Rheder - Husarentrunk

A Castle Brewery

The families of the Barons of Spiegel and the Barons of Mengersen are among the oldest and most important noble families in Germany. Rheder Castle has been the ancestral seat of the families since the 14th century. In 1686, they received the brewing rights. The so-called "Vorburg" (outer castle) from 1716 served as the family's residence until the Rheder Castle was built in 1750 and was also used for the brewery. Brewing is still carried out there today, on modern equipment and in excellent quality. In the left wing is the brewhouse, in the center the administration and the Hussar Museum. 

The baroque castle looks simply, but inside it holds several treasures. Ceilings with lavish ornaments, the octagonal garden hall with a view of the landscaped park, where many couples have said "I do". 

Rheder Husarentrunk

A gold-colored lager in the style of a Bavarian Märzen. Light sweetness is accompanied by fine bitterness. Good drinkability, easy to drink.


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Rheder - HusarenTrunk Can
Märzen Bavarian Style 5,30% vol.
Schloßbrauerei Rheder
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany


JayRam • 1 month ago
This beer just about gets a 5 for the can design.
kenbottesi • 2 months ago
Great beer. Easy to drink…. 4.0
brian_54 • 2 months ago
This was my day 2 beer, Before I figured out the mixed boxes, I had it then. A nice beer, gave it a 4 (same as last year). Today I drank the beer I should have had on day two! It all works out! :) I am reminded of the old Monty Python skit where a game show with questions got the answer cards mixed up! Prost!
Original KALEA • 2 months ago
Thanks a lot for your feedback. And sorry for the inconvenience.
Futbol mono • 2 months ago
Hussein Trunk, my wife gives it a three, but after my first glass, I would like to give it a 3.5. Very drinkable , good nose of malt and slight hops, and a very good finish. Cheers!
jacksonmplt • 2 months ago
It's has a interesting flavor for a Pils. After taste is a bit rough. I'd give it a 3.