Duvel Moortgat acquires 'Brasserie du Mont Blanc'

Duvel Moortgat is a Belgian family-owned company with several breweries in Europe, the United States and China. Now Duvel Moortgat acquires a new brewery: Brasserie du Mont Blanc, located in Haute-Savoie, France.

Brasserie Du Mont Blanc was founded in 1821, but the brewery that brewed the beer at the time ceased operations in 1966. In 1999, Sylvain Chiron, the current owner, decided to revive the brand. Sylvain and Michel Moortgat, CEO of Duvel Moortgat, are not strangers to each other. It was Michel Moortgat's uncle who helped Sylvain with the startup more than twenty years ago. 

Michel and Sylvain stayed in touch and eventually decided to join forces. "We share the same values and both strongly believe that quality, passion and innovation are the best basis for a successful partnership," says Michel Moortgat. 

Sylvain Chiron remains a shareholder and will remain involved in the brewery as a founder. He therefore looks enthusiastically to the future. "The collaboration with Duvel Moortgat was an obvious choice for several reasons. Not only is it a powerful and solid company, but it is also a family business with human values similar to ours. It is a family of breweries that each maintains great autonomy, and I am convinced that Brasserie du Mont Blanc will retain its soul, remain firmly rooted in the middle of the mountains and, above all, can continue to focus on the essentials: what's in the bottle," Sylvain adds.

Source: Duvel Moortgat
Photo: Brasserie du Mont Blanc @ Instgram, Screenshot


SASP38 • 1 month ago
Very sad, for once we the savoyards had a good brasserie