The BeerTasting app ranking has been decided

Current points system of the BeerTasting app now fixed

After we explained and reported on the app's points system last year, it was now time to finalize the app ranking.

Here you can now see the current points system for all categories in the BeerTasting app:

Per Cheers: 1 point
Per rated beer: 1 point
Per friend: 0 points
Per follower: 0 points
Per recruited BeerTaster: 0 points
Per brewery rating/brewery review: 1 point
Per requested beer: 2 points
Per review: 2 points
Per country: 1 point

Brief explanation of 2 categories:

Some of the important points we want to clarify relate to the Cheers feature and the review feature.

The Cheers feature was developed to give casual beer lovers the opportunity to earn points by giving a "Cheers" to a beer they have drunk. This is intended to be part of the diversity and inclusivity of our community. 

Regarding reviews, we are still working on finding a technical solution to differentiate between short and/or detailed reviews.

The previous points rating system is currently still in place. However, the new scoring system will be introduced with the upcoming app update. We will of course inform you about this change in good time.

Once again, we would like to thank all BeerTasters for their support. We look forward to further improving the app based on the feedback.

We hope you continue to enjoy discovering and rating beers in our app!

Your BeerTasting Team