Kronenbourg brewery

The Carlsberg brewery makes a major capital investment in Kronenbourg

Brewing company Carlsberg has decided to allocate €31.7 million to the development of its Kronenbourg brewery in France.
This considerable budget will be devoted to improving the packaging, storage and bottling services at the Kronenbourg plant, as the Danish company has indicated.
These improvements are expected to increase bottling capacity to 60,000 bottles per hour.
Kronenbourg is one of France's most popular beer brands and is growing almost exponentially. It produced nearly 6 million hectolitres in 2022, and its sales totalled almost 900 million euros in the same year.
The French brand was acquired by Carlsberg 15 years ago as part of a partnership with Heineken, but Carlsberg will have exclusive brewing rights to the Kronenbourg brand by 2024. With the French brand showing such potential for growth, Carlsberg has allocated more than €50 million to the plant, including the recent €31.7 million investment, in the last four years alone.