The winners of the Kalea Brewer's Advent Calendar 2022

Beer Advent 2022 is over. And what a beer advent it was! On 4 Thursdays in Advent, the included beer specialties were even tasted live, discussed and evaluated!

A few numbers
Of course, all the beers of the 2022 Breewer's Advent Calendar were also diligently rated on the BeerTasting App for iOS and Android: The calendar beers achieved more than 40,000 ratings! That's over 20% more than last year!

Congratulations to the top 3 beers of the Brewer's Advent Calendar:

1st place: Kraftbierwerkstatt Der Schwarze Bockj

2nd place: Schnitzlbaumer Lagerbier Hell

3rd place: Dietrachinger Schwarze Tinte


Reds3383 • 1 year ago
Get this every year from Costco. It’s awesome but have to keep an eye out because they run out fast.